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Major trends for the future in the GCC

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Sustainable Energy

Renewable energy

GCC countries are working towards a green economy by highlighting the need to shift away from finite energy resources by introducing new laws and regulations promoting the shift towards renewable energy and helping in achieving the clean energy set targets.

Business Opportunities 

  • Solar & wind utility projects 

  • Small-scale and decentralized solar systems (rooftop) 

  • Energy storage 

  • Other innovative solutions 


The GCC region has the highest level of investment in power infrastructure, public and private, of any group of countries worldwide. Rapidly growing population and urbanization, rising income levels, and industrialization are the market drivers for the rise in electricity and water consumption in the GCC region.

​​Business Opportunities  

  • Industrial automation 

  • Water and waste-water treatment plants 

  • Desalination plants 

  • Conventional power plants 

  • Water & power efficiencies 

  • Other innovative solutions 

Gas Plant
Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

Circular Economy

The predominant method of solid waste disposal in GCC is landfilling.  
The GCC has started to realize the importance of sustainable waste management where Waste-to-Energy, recycling plants and material recovery facilities are currently being planned to address the waste management issues and expected to gain momentum over the coming years.

​​Business Opportunities  

  • Waste to Energy 

  • Recycling centers 

  • Materials recovery facilities 

  • Waste management solutions 

  • Other innovative solutions 

Food Security and Agri-Tech

The GCC countries has high dependency on food imports with up to 90 % of the demand. The GCC food system is undergoing a monumental shift toward a technology-enabled farming model to enhance food sovereignty and self-sufficiency and are currently implementing policies and strategies in addition to investing heavily towards increasing domestic agricultural production via promoting protected and controlled environment agriculture.

​​Business Opportunities  

  • Vertical farming 

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture 

  • Hydroponics  

  • Aquaculture 

  • Agricultural automation and logistics 

  • Modern animal husbandry 

  •  Other innovative solutions 

Dairy Farm
Digital social media

Technology & digitalization

UAE National Innovation Strategy identified digital technology as one of the top seven primary national sectors. The strategy focuses on the development of smart cities, software, and applications including advanced technology in areas of global interest such as artificial intelligence, semiconductors, nanotechnology, and 3D printing, as well as the quick adoption of technology across various industries. 
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 sets as one of its ambitious nationwide goals to raise the country’s ranking in the E-Government Survey Index to among the top five nations. The National Transformation Program 2020 has prioritized digital transformation as one of the top four Common National Goals.

Business Opportunities  

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

  • Digital platforms 

  • IT services  

  • Tracking and recognition technology 

  • Nanotechnology 

  • Biotechnology 

  • E-Governance 

  • Other innovative solutions 

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