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The GCC Fastest growing economies in the world

The GCC region is undergoing a profound transformation and is now home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. Today, the governments of the GCC countries are undertaking successful efforts to diversify their economies away from dependence on hydrocarbon industries.  
Programs with long-term visions and development planning, sustainable macroeconomic and fiscal policy management are offering abundant business opportunities across traditional and new sectors. 
These programs are providing diversified economic growth, and include reforming business environments, promoting investments, and fostering a dynamic and entrepreneurial small business sector.

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Structural changes and sustainable development are leading to economic expansion, sustainability and various sectors growth opportunities.

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Environmental considerations

  • Water & power efficiencies along with waste management are core to preserving resources 

  • Heading towards circular economy 

Industrial Engineer

Rise of new industries

  • From oil to renewables 

  • Food security 

  • Embracing digital platforms 

Green Buildings

Government initiatives

  • Sustainable development unleashed by national visions.  

  • Long-term transformational plan 

  • Restructuring, privatization, taxation plans 

Financial Report

Macro-economic realities

  • Economic expansion 

  • Diversification from oil 

  • Compelling risk profile 

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Demographic advantage

  • High-growth population 

  • Growing expat base 

  • Younger generation is reshaping demand 

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